Belle Santos

Belle Santos (DE/CA) is an artist and performance maker, working across installation, performance, text, and immersive experiences. She studied drama and theater at Trinity College and performance making at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her current work explores fields around mourning and grieving, contemporary rituals, service, and transformative spaces.

She is a founding member of the THE AGENCY, with whom she worked together between 2015–22, creating immersive performances around the topics of neoliberalism and radical feminism. Together they created counter-narratives to question the normative lifestyles many people feel stuck within, offering alternative worlds for the duration of the performance. Their works included: Medusa Bionic Rise (2017), Boys Space (2018), and Mater Dolorosa Bleed (2021).

Belle Santos also co-founded the digital performance laboratory Next Waves Theater and Glasshouse, a platform offering artists across disciplines to experiment with online-streaming and reinterpreting their work on screen Alongside her own practice, she works as a stage- and costume designer in collaborative contexts across theater, dance, and film.

Photo credit: Spyros Rennt

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